Best Computer Courses After 10th Class In 2021-fees, salary detail

Many students have completed 10th class and lots of students interested in computer and technology world that’s why they want to learn about best computer courses after 10th class so we are going to discuss the best courses in computer field which has vast future and we have listed some top computer courses with job guarantee if anyone wants to do it, Students can easily apply for these short term computer courses and get a job. 

Why Computer Courses Are In Demand

This is the era of technology, and every single company needs computer operators in different sectors that is why computer courses are in high demand, and every student loves to join in these short-term courses after 10th class without paying any huge amount. 

Nowadays, everyone knows how to run a computer and work with it, but the majority of people are in the learning stage, and being computerized can make you financially free and help you make more money as a passive income. 

Students really need to learn about computer and related courses, so let’s see our recommended computer courses after the 10th class for the job. These courses list is mentioned here because our experts have already researched on them. If you are from India, then these computer diploma courses after the 10th class will be best for getting a job in any field that means you can do computer course after 10th class and build future. 

List Of Best Computer Courses After 10th

  1. Certificate Program In MS Office
  2. Basic Computer Course
  3. Web Designing Course
  4. Digital Marketing Course
  5. Data Entry Course
  6. Graphic Designing Course
  7. Web Development Course
  8. Animation And VFX Course
  9. Computer Science Diploma/Engineering
  10. Diploma In Financial Accounting

Certificate Program In MS Office 

MS office is one of the best and trending computer programs is about 3 months duration and this course will help you get a job in various fields, and if you want to get an office job, then the MS office course after 10 is the right course to start your career.

In this course, you will learn about MS Word, MS Excel, MS, PowerPoint, etc. You will also learn how to work on MS office applications, a form of the above platforms. 

Why Choose MS Office Course? 

  • Easy to understand and short term course for everyone. 
  • Best for getting an office job in private or government sectors.
  • MS office course is always in high demand.

MS Office Course Fees: 4000 To 10,000

Basic Computer Course 

Everyone needs to know the computer because the computer is everything and you can complete daily tasks in every field within short time. Hence, it is essential to know how to use a computer and critical works to complete with a computer.

The duration of these ITI computer courses after 10th is around 3 to 6 months, and after completing this course, you will quickly get a job in any field as a computer operator.  It is the best computer courses after 10th class students in india and one can build future in government and private department. 

Why Is Basic Computer Course Good For Students? 

  • Students should have computer knowledge. 
  • Best for those who are looking for an office job.
  • Computer knowledge is best to have for any field.
  • The computer course will upgrade your skills as well as your resume.

Basic Computer Course Fees: 5000 To 8000

Web Designing Course 

Nowadays every single company needs a website, and they also look for a pro soul who is expert in designing their website so if you have just completed your 10th and want to build up your career in web development then you should apply for web designing course which is around 3 to 6 month. 

What will you learn in the web designing course? You will learn how to design a website, CSS, Java and HTML. There are many online platforms where you can easily apply for this course and learn Html, CSS, hosting and servers problems, javascript, etc. So this would be a best computer courses after 10th class students.

Benefits Of Web Designing Short Course

  • Build up your connection with top-level companies. 
  • After gaining experience, you can build your own web designing agency.
  • Good salary package by doing short term and long term courses. 
  • Become your own boss, and earn like a pro.
  • While doing a full-time job, you can start freelancing work as well.

Web Designing Short Course Fees: 10,000 To 30,000

 Digital Marketing Course

When we think about business study in the vacation period, then the digital marketing course after 10th class is always comes in our mind because this course does not only give you knowledge about the digital world but also cover lots of things those are related to computer and you can easily manage or get help for any computer work with digital skills.

There is huge scope of digital marketing and if you are interested to open your online store or want to do online business then this course will be best for your future.

 Why Choose Digital Marketing Course?

  • Best and short term course to gain digital knowledge and also will help you to get a job after doing this professional course after 10th class.
  • No need to have a special qualification for digital marketing. 
  • This short-term course will help you understand how the internet works and how you can keep your money safe from online fraud. 
  • Less time-consuming course/Higher salary package.
  • 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th class students can easily enroll in this course.

Digital Marketing Course Fees: 15000 To 60,000

Data Entry Course

If you have completed your10th class, then the data entry course can be a perfect fit for your career, or if you want to do a part-time job, you can get admission in this short term course. Many private and government companies daily hire data entry operators, and you you can also get a job after 10th class after doing this computer related course.

The data entry course is normally 3 to 6 months, and you can complete this course in vacation time, you will learn about how to edit, enter and save given data in a computer file within short time. 

Student can earn a certificate as a data entry expert and get an office job in banking department as well in universities. Data entry is the best computer courses after 10th class.

Why Choose Data Entry Course

  • Good for job seekers
  • Easily get a job in BPO or KPO 
  • Good salary package.
  • Work from home.
  • You can start your own data entry business. 

Data Entry Course Fees: 2000 To 6000

Graphic Designing Course

The graphic industry is huge and has good future scope for students who want to build a career in graphic designing after 10th class and anyone can do this computer courses after 12th, 10th class whatever you had streamed in your class, you can apply for a graphic designing course anytime which is around 1 year. 

Best Computer Courses After 10th Class
Computer courses after 10th class

Beneficial Fields In Graphic Industry

  1. Game Designing
  2. Media Designing
  3. Fashion Designing
  4. Web Designing
  5. 3D illustrator Designing

These are the highly demanded field in the graphic industry, and you should always do this course in these fields if you want to make a career in this sector otherwise you can choose any field as per your interest. If we talk about the job opportunity, you can work in a media company, a digital marketing company. 

Graphic industry is huge and have various fields to work in it but if you have done your computer course after 10th class, you can go aboard and work there if your company allow you then you can make good salary.

Graphic Designing Course Fees: 10,000 To 40,000 As Per Your Course

Web Development Course

Every company needs a website for listing their products and build their online presence. They hire a web developer who builds and handles the company’s website. Many big companies invest a huge amount of money in hiring web developers and building websites for their online business. 

So if you are planning to do a web development course after 10th class and want to build a career in the web industry, you can apply to this computer related course after 10th class because this is the digital era, and every small business running a website. 

Benefits Of Web Development Course In India

  • Well professional course in the digital world.
  • You can do remote work and earn money in lakh.
  • After gaining some experience, you can run your web development agency. 
  • Build a relationship with big companies. 
  • No limit to make money as a freelancer. 

Web Development Course Fees: 10,000 To 50,000 (1 Year Duration)

Animation And VFX Course

In 2021, every age group people show interest to watch animation videos, and cartoons or animation industry have real growth for those students who want to make a career in the animation sector so this will be the best computer course after 10th class in India as well as this is listed in our professional course. 

You need to study a diploma in animation and VFX field if you want to become a successful animator, you should always apply for a course in a good and ranked institute. 

If you are planning to do animation course after 10th then this would be best for  you and even girls can apply to animation course can build future.

Benefits Of Animation/VFX Course In India

  • Vast future scope in india.
  • Chances to hired by international companies.
  • Earn huge money salary.
  • Also can work as a freelancer.
  • Build your own animation online business.

Animation/VFX Course Fees: 10,000 To 50,000 (1 Year Duration)

Computer Science Diploma/Engineering

If you want to continue your study after 10th class, you can get admission in computer science engineering diploma, which is the best computer courses after 10th in 2021. 

In this diploma, you will learn the various types of computer languages, computer fundamentals, web programming, networking, etc. To get a job after a diploma in computer science, you can apply in private companies and get a good salary package at the beginner level. 

Why Choose A Computer Science Diploma?

  • Learn all about computer programming and learn how it works.
  • Best diploma for 10th class students who want to become web developer. 
  • Higher salary package at beginner level. 

Computer Science Diploma Fees: 12,000 To 30,000 (1 Year Duration)

Diploma In Financial Accounting

Taking a course in financial accounting opens up many opportunities for students to work with computers. Much of the finance sector’s workforce interact with computerized systems today on an everyday basis. Those interested in business and technology can make excellent salaries doing accountancy-related tasks using their computer skills.

So financial accounting diploma is best for those students who want to quick start their career after 10th class and want to get an office job. This would be the best computer courses after 10th class.

FAQs On Best Computer Courses After 10th Class In 2021

Q1: After 10th Class Which Course Is Best?

Ans: There are many computer courses after 10th class that students can do but here are some good courses,

  1. Computer Course
  2. Digital Marketing Course
  3. Animation Course
  4. Graphic Designing Course
  5. SEO Course

Q2: Which Computer Course Is Best In 2021?

  1. Ans: Cybersecurity
  2. Web Designing Course
  3. SEO Course
  4. Digital Marketing Course
  5. ITI Diploma
  6. Polytechnic Diploma

Q3: Which Computer Course Is Best For Higher Salary?

  1. Ans: SEO Related Course
  2. Data Analysis Course
  3. Computer Technician Course
  4. MS Office Course
  5. Data Entry Course

Final Words

We have discussed some best computer courses after 10th class which are beneficial for students and every student can do these short term computer courses after 10th class and build a career in desire fields. 

If this topic help you then share it with your friends who want to scale up their knowledge and are interested in doing something different on vacations.

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