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Top 15 Best Diploma Courses After 10th Class

Do you want to get a piece of complete information about best diploma courses after 10th class? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we have listed the top best diploma courses which can be taken after the 10th class. All these courses are quite popular and demandable in various fields of study. So, if you are interested in any one of these courses, then go for it without thinking much.

Nowadays most students want to do diploma after 10th because they want to do job without doing 12th class and if you also want to start your job just after diploma then we have given the complete guide about diploma courses after 10th class that every student can do.

Every year many students get admission in diploma courses after 10 and prepare for government jobs because there are many job oriented courses after 10th that can help you to get government job easily and build future.

List Of Best Diploma Courses After 10th Class

There are many kinds of diploma courses offered by different institutes, but the first one must know what kind of career he wants for himself. A student can choose between diploma courses like Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Medical Lab Technology, etc.

Those who want to gain an insight into their field before they embark on it as a full-time profession should opt for these diploma courses after 10th class students. It will give them knowledge about their chosen industry, so if they decide later not to continue with this, then there won’t be any regret because now you have some information about your desired subject area.

If you also want to know best diploma courses after 10th class students helps in your career, then please read these points.

Polytechnic Diploma

If we talk about the polytechnic diploma courses, then the polytechnic diploma is a technical qualification that can be gained after completing the 10th class.

This polytechnic diploma course completion degree certificate gives students a wide range of options to choose their careers. You can find job in government sector and private sectors where you will get salary package of 2 to 3 lakhs per annual.

It will also help them get better government jobs after polytechnical diploma courses with higher salaries. It is the best diploma for those students who have completed their 10th class and want to build future. In India, polytechnical diplomas are offered by many polytechnical institutes like-

  • Information Technology or Computer Applications.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE), Nuclear Energy Training Center(NETC), etc.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma Course: This medical laboratory technician diploma course training provides knowledge about handling cells, tissues, and other patient samples for diagnostic purposes.
  • Polytechnic diploma course duration is 3 years after 10th class and students can go for after this diploma.

Polytechnic course fee is 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR

Engineering Diploma

Engineering diploma after 10th class is an engineering degree that can be completed in three years. This engineering diploma course helps students get entry-level jobs and prepares them for the job market after 10th.

If you want to become an engineer then this is the best diploma course after 10th class in 2021 because there is huge scope in engineering field.

The engineering diploma program comprises six semesters with two different courses. Here are some engineering diploma courses that you can do after 10th class.

  • Engineering Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Basic Electrical and Electronics, Basic Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Programming.
  • There are many engineering diploma after 10th class engineering institutes available in India such as-
  • Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), engineering colleges associated with universities, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, etc.
  • The Engineering diploma course duration is 3 years after 10th class.

Engineering diploma course fee is 28,000 INR to 40,000 INR.

Diploma In Art Fine

The Diploma In Art Fine is good for those students who have completed 10th class and want to build a future. A diploma in fine art course provides the student with knowledge of their craft, so they can pursue a career that interests them while also earning money from it.

One must know about this diploma course before going ahead for the diploma in art fine. Diploma in art fine courses can be completed within a year and provide students with theoretical knowledge, practical training, and industry exposure. The diploma course is offered by many institutes which are affiliated with universities.

Diploma in art fine course fee is 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR.

Diploma In Computer Science

Computers are used everywhere and it is important for all the people to know about computers because they can get better jobs with these computer science diploma courses after class 10th.

If we talk about computer science, then computer languages have been divided into two categories such as- low-level computer languages and high-level computer languages.

Low-Level Computer Languages: The commands of this computer language are difficult but it is used for hardware devices like printers, scanners, mouse etc.

High-Level Computer Languages: Computer language is easy to understand and use. This computer science diploma course after class 10th helps students in getting a good job, it provides them with knowledge of computer languages such as C++ & Java etc.

The computer science diploma courses is 3 years duration program that student can do after 10th class and If you want to apply to computer science diploma courses, then please check out these computer institutes-

  • Aptech computer courses, NIIT computer course etc.
  • Akash Institute of Technical Education and Research (Delhi).
  • Amity university is one of the best computer science diploma after 10th. It offers a computer science diploma course with 100% placement support & job assistance.

Diploma in computer science fee is 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR.

Dental Diploma Course

Many students have an interest in medical, and that is why we came with a dental course after the 10th class. In this diploma course students learn about cleaning teeth and care about them.

There are two types of dental diploma courses that 10th pass students can do for job purpose because the medical line is good and provide you an instant job.

It is a one to two years course we can say it is a short term diploma course after 10th class in 2021.

  • Diploma In Dental Hygienist
  • Diploma In Dental Mechanical

Diploma in dental hygienist course fee is 15,000 INR to 1 Lakh.

Mass Media Diploma

It is a three-year diploma course that provides students with knowledge about social media, public relations, and advertising. Mass Media Diploma course teaches a student how to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter.

So effectively to spread awareness among the people. It is the best diploma course after 10th class in 2021 and students can build future easily. If we talk about the diploma duration it is near about 1 to 2 years program designed for students.

The mass media courses are available on different streams, such as,

  • Public Relations: it is used to build good relationships between the people.
  • Advertising Journalism: advertising journalists use different types of media such as TV, radio and social networking sites in order to promote a product or service among the public.

To know more about mass media diploma courses, then please check out these institutes-

  1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, J&K.
  2. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.
  3. YBN University, Ranchi.

Diploma in mass media course fee is 25,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

Diploma In Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technician diploma course provides them technical knowledge that helps them perform different types of experiments on the product so that they can test its purity or quality. After completion of diploma in laboratory technician, students are employed by pharmaceutical companies and other private laboratories.

Students can do a laboratory diploma after 10th class and can get a job as a lab technician. Diploma in laboratory technician course is conducted by different institutes and universities affiliated to government and private bodies.

Here are some government and private institutes from where you can do lab technician diploma after 10th class,

  1. Manipal Tata Medical College.
  2. University of Mumbai.
  3. KGMU – King George’s Medical University.

Lab Technician diploma fee is 10,000 INR to 30,000 INR.

Diploma In Civil Engineering

Diploma civil engineering is a three years diploma course. This diploma in civil engineering after class 10th provides students with theoretical knowledge, practical training, and industry exposure as well.

After completing the Diploma civil engineering course, students can get jobs in private companies or government organizations such as the National Highway Authority Of India (NHAI), Ircon International Limited, etc.

It is the best diploma course after 10th class and interested students can get admission in this diploma and apply to government or private job easily.

Here are some best colleges from where you can apply to civil diploma after 10th and get admission easily,

  1. CT University, Ludhiana.
  2. LPU Jalandhar – Lovely Professional University.
  3. Thapar Polytechnic College, Patiala.

Civil diploma course fee is 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR

Safety Guard Diploma

Most students have no idea about this diploma, but if you want to go to Dubai or Qatar and get a job there, this diploma is a perfect march for you. It can be done after the 10th class but if you have higher education in this field then your salary will be in lakhs.

Diploma Courses After 10th Class

In this diploma, you will learn how to stay safe while working on the construction side because construction sides are dangerous to work there; that is why foreign companies who work as construction corporates hire safety officers as much as they can.

Here are some college or institutes from where you can do safety guard officer diploma and build future in foreign countries,

  1. Please visit to for this course.

Safety Officer diploma fee is 30,000 INR to 55,000 INR

Diploma In Stenography

Stenography is a profession that requires the ability to quickly and accurately write words phonetically. There are two main types of stenographers: courtroom stenographers, who transcribe what’s said in courtrooms, and medical stenographers, who provide live transcriptions for doctors or nurses.

You’ll need to attend college and get accepted into their program. Medical transcriptionists can work from home as long as they have an internet connection and a computer with voice recognition software installed.

This would be the best diploma course after 10th class and here are some colleges from where you can get admission to diploma in stenography,

  • AMITY University – AU.
  • Shri Vishwakarma Skill University.
  • Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University.

Diploma In Stenography fee is 15,000 INR to 35,000 INR

Marine Diploma

There are many job possibilities and lots of different diplomas when we talk about the marine industry. The most popular courses include Marine Engineering Diploma, Marine Technology Diploma, etc., but other exciting diploma options in computer-related fields like Fine Arts, Cake Decorating Cosmetology Photography provide an excellent opportunity for students who want more than just one career path option as well.

Students who have completed their 10th or 12th class can easily apply to these diploma after 10th in 2021. Here are some colleges offer these diploma programs in india,

  • Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies.
  • Maritime Foundation.
  • Coimbatore Marine College.
  • Sri Chakra Maritime College.

Marine diploma courses fee would be 15,000 INR to 35,000 INR

Advanced English Language Diploma

When it comes to the English language, only 45% of people talk in English in India; that is why it is the most crucial language nowadays. Most people are earning lakhs after learning the English language.

If you want to know the best diploma courses after 10th class, this certificate diploma will be best for making a career in 2021. It has huge scope in the market and one can earn a good salary package.

Students can get admission in an advanced English diploma course after 10th class and can study online platforms such as udemy or khan academy. If you wish to study physically, there are many government institutes near your city from where you can quickly get admission to this English certificate diploma.

Diploma In Hair And Beauty

Most female girls want to work in beauty industry and that is why we have a diploma courses list after 10th class. Diploma in hair and beauty product is perfect fit for those girls who are interested in makeup, making stylish hair etc.

This diploma course can be done after 10th class and there are many colleges from where you can get knowledge, training and placement.

Hair and beauty industry has been growing rapidly in india and most of the student show interest in beauty field where they polish celebrities hair, nails, clothes etc.

Here are some top institutes from where you can get admission in beauty diploma after 10th class,

  • Kanya Maha vidyalaya, Jalandhar.
  • PTM Arya College.

Hair And Beauty diploma course fee is 20,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

Diploma In Hotel Management

A diploma in hotel management would be best for those students who want to work in five-star hotels because it is a very professional job and has good future scope for girls and boys.

It can be completed after the 10th class, and if you want to get admission in hotel management diploma then there are many colleges in India from where you can get training and study materials.

If you wish to do diploma courses after 10th class, you should think about a hotel management diploma that would provide you with a good salary package.

  • Chandigarh University.
  • Lovely Professional University.
  • University Of Mumbai.

Industrial Training Institutes

ITI is one of the best option for those student who want to apply for government jobs and more than 45% student do ITI diploma after 12th class and build future in government sectors specially in railway departments.

If you have done your 10th class then you should go with ITI diploma because it is perfect course that will help you to get a government job after 10th class.

FAQs On Best Diploma Courses After 10th Class

Which courses is best after 10th class and easy?

There are many diploma courses after 10th class that student can do and those are easy to do but ITI diploma, Fashion Designing Diploma, Hair and Beauty Diploma, Computer Science Diploma, Advanced Financial Accounting Diploma are easy to do after 10th pass.

Which field is best after 10th class?

We have mentioned the best fields after 10th class that student can do, Fashion Diploma, ITI Diploma, Computer Diploma, Beautician Diploma, English Learning Diploma, etc.

Is diploma best after 10th class?

Yes, Diploma courses after 10th are best to do and build future also you can also apply to government job in railway department, IT department, etc.

Which are the best job-oriented courses after 10th class?

All the given diploma courses after 10th class are job-oriented courses that one can do such as, ITI diploma, Computer diploma, Fashion diploma, etc.

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