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Best ITI Courses For Girls After 12th Class In India (2021)

Are you looking to know the best ITI courses for girls? Then, we will cover a complete guide which iti course is best for you and iti courses fees in India. As we know that ITI industry is booming and every big company needs ITI employees on a daily basis that means iti field is a much profitable program to become financially free for girls.

In 2021, not only Indian students are interested in these courses but you can check around the internet there are millions of students from other countries who are doing iti courses.

The full form of iti is industrial training institute offers various ITI courses for girls and a student can easily get admission after completing 8th, 10th or 12th class without or with test exam for admission in iti course.

ITI Courses For Girls

The iti courses are available in various fields that female candidates can do. Still, some institutes only give admission after passing their examination test, some institute also provides direct admission in these courses, now let’s move to know some iti courses for girls with a list that are best for getting a job in india.

For girls, we have listed some best iti courses that they can do after passing the 12th class and these iti courses are best for getting any government job for girls.

Scope Of ITI Course For Girls

As an iti holder, you can get a government job in your desire field and if you are a girl then you can easily get a job in the railway department or iti sector but if we talk about iti scope for girls then you will be able to get jobs in private and government sectors in India.

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Without doing study a girl cannot become financially free so you should do any of the iti course for your future scope.

Popular ITI Courses For Girls

Tool And Die Maker Leather Goods Maker
Cutting And Sewing Stenography In English
Hair And Skin Care Fashion Designing
Weaving Of Fancy Fabric Computer Course
Book Binder Fruits And Vegetable Processing
Dress Maker Basic Cosmetology

Complete Detail On ITI Courses For Girls

Female candidate can apply iti course as per interest and the admission process can be different in every institute, to find more detail read the following story.

Tool And Die Maker

In this course a student will learn how to drawing and design the engineering machinery and building a perfect piece of manufacturing design by toolmaker. This course’s duration is near about 6 months, and course fees can be vary as per institute. 

After completing this course, the student will be able to boost his salary and job chances in India so if you love to make designs, you can apply for admission. 

Leather Goods Maker

The leather goods maker course is a vocational course and a student will learn about leather products, belts, bags, and how to make them in perfect shape as well as the student will also learn many things in this course which will boost their knowledge. 

This course duration is 1 year, but course fees can be different as per institute level so female students can build a career in this industry because this course has a good market trend. 

Cutting And Sewing

The cutting and sewing course is covered with learning skills related to cutting and stitching garments and this is a vocational course that can provide you higher-level skills for garments products.

It is a professional ITI course for girls, and there are lots of opportunities to get a good job in the private field and if we talk about the course duration then it is near about 6 to 1 year.

Stenography In English

It is also a vocational course that helps students learn about doing dictation in shorthands, reports, and other informational material. There is vast future scope and jobs for stenography in India, for girls this course is good for getting an office job.

The course duration of this course is around 6 to 1 year that is totally dependent on institutes and a student.

Hair And Skin Care

The hair and skincare industry is huge and there are lots of companies who hire new talents and professional skincare and it is the perfect iti courses for girls to become financially free.

This iti course duration is 1 year and also extendable for those students who want to continue their study and want to become professional in this industry.

Fashion Designing 

Most girls love fashion designing and for them, the iti course is good if they want to build a career in the fashion industry, you will learn about fashion designing, dressing designing, and building your own fashion brand.
This is a 1-year duration course for girls but boys can also apply for this iti course after 12th class.

Waving Of Fancy Fabric

In this course, students learn about waving techniques of fancy fabric which are essential and it is the trending and most highly demanded iti courses in India as well as students will also learn how to make fancy fabric waving products with accessories.

This iti course is near about 1 year and student can also get direct admission as per institute requirements.

Computer Course

Computer course is not an iti course but it is the subcategory of other courses such as iti in computer science or engineering and a computer operator do a daily task such as writing notes, making files on the computer and girls can quickly learn about Microsoft office, ms office for an office job. 

We have also covered the best computer courses after 10th class that you can read and find more useful information about this topic. 

Book Binder

In this course, students learn about bookbinding materials, machine parts which are vital for bookbinding and this iti course is craftsman training program that girls can do after 12th.

If we talk about the duration of this course then it is about 6 months to 1 year and depends on the institute in which you are getting admission.

Fruits And Vegetables Processing

It is a one-year vocational course for those students who are willing to work in the food industry such as receiving or checking foods and maintain the process of equipment that is used for food processing.

Dress Maker

In this course, a student learns about dresses and similar to cutting and sewing program course which is near about one year and it is the most trending diploma in garments offered by ITI.

Dress-making iti course is a perfect fit for girls who want to build their career after 10th class and interested in doing their own clothing business.

Basic Cosmetology

It is designed for girls who want to make their career in fashion and skincare industry and in this course girls will learn all about cosmetology fundamentals and how it works and the student will learn more about hairstyle, salon service, etc.

FAQ On ITI Courses For Girls In 2021

Q1: What Is The ITI Courses Fees In India? 

Ans: The average fees of these iti courses for girls is around 10,000 to 50,000 as per institutes and course level.

Q2: Which ITI Course Is Best For Government Jobs For Girls?

Ans: There are many iti courses for girls but we have listed only those courses which are most demandable in the current market and having the best future scope in iti field for girls.

Q3: Which ITI Course Is Best For Higher Salary Package In India? 

Ans: For getting a higher salary package in India in iti field is fashion designing and dress-making courses, skincare, computer courses are best for scope.

Q4: What Is The Minimum Study Requirement For Admission In These Courses?

Ans: For applying in iti course, a student must have completed 8th or 10th or 12th class as per his course level and the student age should not be less than 16 years to study for iti.

Q5: Can I Do Any Other Graduation Course After My ITI Diploma?

Ans: Yes, you can do any graduation course after your iti diploma but if you want to make a career in iti field then you can get any program related to your previous study.

Final Words

We have covered the most demanded iti courses in India for girls who want to build a career in ITI industry and the best thing is these courses are well designed for specific fields at a reasonable price, so students can quickly get admission in iti courses after 10th or 8th class.

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