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How To Become A Govt Teacher In India

Becoming a government teacher is a very responsible job for everyone, and most of the students chose this field to teach others. If you want to become a govt teacher in India, you will be taught how you can become a good teacher and the requirements you have to fill.
A teacher is among the very responsible individuals job to shape-up the state, and future generation let see the main steps to become a teacher in India,

Complete Your 12th Class

First of all, you will have to clear your 12th class in any stream if you want to become a senior teacher or if you want to be a professor of any subject. You should have good marks in your 12th class, and if you want to be a chemistry teacher, then you must clear your 12th in the science stream.
There are three types of levels in a teaching job, and those depend on candidates on which level he wants to do a teaching job.  If you want to be a junior teacher, you can apply for this job after your 12th class; still, you have to clear some exams and training to be a government teacher.

Complete Your Graduation

If you have decided to become a government teacher, you must have a graduation degree from any respective university in India then you are eligible to apply for the teacher test.
There are three types of steps to be a government teacher. Firstly, you will need to have a degree in B.ed degree or graduation in any stream then a candidate will be eligible to apply for primary, upper primary, and high school.
You can do 12th class in any stream but you should have good marks in your exams as well you will have to clear some exams if you want a job in the teaching sector.

Apply For CTET Exams In India

After completing your graduation, a candidate will be eligible to take the CTET test specially conducted for teachers and earn a CTET certificate bypassing some exams.
If you wish to teach primary class students, you need to clear the TGT exam, which is also called trained graduate teachers.
You should have a graduation degree if you want to give this exam in India, and you can teach up to 10th class students as a teacher.

There are lots of benefits to clear teaching exams in India in 2020. Let’s see the in-depth detail of being a teacher in India. 

  1. A candidate also applies for a private job after passing the CTET exam on a higher salary in metro cities.
  2. Additionally, candidates are required to complete Teacher Qualification Certification by approved Teacher Qualification Evaluation. These Teacher Qualification Tests have been held at State and Central level by organizations approved to run these evaluations by Central or State Government.

Step By Step To Become a Government Teacher In India

Choose Your Speciality: Every candidate should have a good goal to achieve it; that is why you need to find your specialty in the teaching line. You should know that you are fit and can perform well or teach your students more properly. So choose your interested subject and earn a degree in your subject to go for the next step.
Earn a Graduation Degree: After choosing the right category, you should have to clear this requirement by completing your graduation in a particular subject if you want to be a government or professional teacher in India.
Apply For Test: You can apply for a senior-level teacher if you have done your degree; otherwise, you can also apply for junior-level teachers and teach primary or 10th class students in govt schools and get the highest salary.

PRT Teacher Level Test

PRT(Primary Teacher) is the first test for those candidates who want to teach primary class students in schools, and if you’re going to apply for this test, you should have a graduation degree; otherwise, you can also use the PRT test if you have earned a Nursery Teacher Training certificate.
Teaching to 5th class students can be hectic for you that is why you must have the ability to handle and ability to teach with proper manners.

TGT Level Test

It is also called a trained level teacher, and for this exam, you should have a B.ed degree to apply for this test, and after two years of completing this test, you will be eligible to apply for a teacher and teach 8th class students in India.

PGT Level Test

Post Graduate teachers are the most important teachers in schools, and you can teach up to 11th or 12th class students; that is why these are senior-level teachers and have a specialty in a particular subject.

Eligibility Criteria For Government Teachers

  • You should have good marks in the 12th class as well as in your graduation degree.
  • A Candidate should have to give CTET exams if he wants to be a teacher and can choose any level of the job by choosing TGT, PRT, and PGT level exams.
  • Your age should be 18 plus to become a govt teacher and have not any tattoo on arms as well.

Benefits of government teaching job

  1. Teaching is the highest paying job in India.
  2. You will get a bonus and other benefits as per your job level.
  3. As a teacher, you can earn up to 50k per month in India.
  4. After a given time of period and experience, your salary will be in lakhs.
  5. Lots of holidays in a year and a government job is a secure job in this world.

Best Tips To Become A Government Teacher In India

  • Find your subjects in which you are interested.
  • Focus on your 12th class and get higher marks.
  • Earn a graduation degree and apply for B.ed
  • Keep focused on your study and try to hit 90% marks in exams.
  • Always prepare for the CTET test and choose your level of teaching.
  • Give TGT or PRT, PGT test, and complete 2 years of training time.
  • Earn good marks and apply for government jobs in the teaching line.
  • Get your dream job or private job in the metro city on a higher salary package

FAQ On How to be a govt teacher

Q1: How Can I Become A Govt teacher?
Ans: You should complete the graduation program and then apply for the CTET exam in India, complete your training, and apply for your dream job. You can also follow the steps which are mentioned above.

Q2: What is the salary of govt teachers in India?
Ans: The salary of a government teacher is high, and you can earn up to 40 to 60k per month, but if you are a senior level teacher, you can earn up to 70k per month that is why every student wants to be a teacher.

Q3: Which stream is best for being a govt teacher?
Ans: You can choose any subject; if you have done your 12th class in the science stream, you can become a teacher of physics, chemistry, or math subjects, but you will need to complete a B.ed degree to become a teacher.

Q4: Which subject is best for teaching in India?
Ans: English subject is a very trending subject in every country, and a normal teacher can earn up to 1 to 2lakhs by teaching English subjects if he has his own business.

Q5: What is the minimum age requirement to become a govt teacher?
Ans: Your age should be 18 if you want to become a teacher in India.


For being a school teacher, you should have the manner to handle your students, and you should also have the discipline to maintain your class; otherwise, you can’t control your students.
You will be taught how to handle students in class in your training time.

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