How To Become A Topper In Class 12 With Simple Steps

Here we will tell you the best and simple ways to become a topper in class 12 and how you can enhance your knowledge and learn to study without using hard and hectic schedules for higher marks. 

The best way to become a topper for a class 12 with excellent marks– Within the following discussion, we’ll let you know the best way to evaluate 99 per cent Marks at 12th-grade Board exams. Because board exams are rather critical for the upcoming maintenance, you should focus on the study timetable for class 12 science.

This guide will let you comprehend how to score well in exams and fantastic marks in class 12 science, arts. We can tell you exactly how to ready your study schedule for class 12 if you really want to become a topper. 

Effective Methods To Become A Class Topper in 12

  1. Become Stress-Free In Exams
  2. Keep Yourself Updated
  3. Attend Classes Regular
  4. Stop Wasting Your Time
  5. Cover All Subjects Related Issues
  6. Have Positive Vibes 
  7. Learn With Friends
  8. Make Proper Study Plan
  9. Do Meditation
  10. Get Up Early In The Morning For Studying
  11. Give Mock Tests
  12. Always Listen To Your Teachers

By following the above methods and CBSE class 12 toppers tips you can become a class topper, and there are higher chances to get high grades in your board exams in icse, so let’s discuss all the above methods to understand correctly.

Become Stress-Free In Exams 

Many students face problems during exam times, and sometimes, they get stress by seeing the hard question and lots of study pressure. But it is a common problem with every student; that is why becoming stress-free is hard for some students, and they ignore this problem.

Let’s see how can you get rid of these problems and have a stress free life; after that, you can easily prepare for your upcoming board exams without any tension.  

  • Take Rest During Exams Time
  • Spend Your Time With Friends
  • Get Help From Your Teachers
  • Firstly, Learn Your Easy Subjects 

As a student, you should concentrate on your study without thinking anything out of the box, and you should also find your weaknesses in subjects then you can quickly solve them by yourself and increase your chances to get good marks in board exams as well as you will become a favourite student of your teachers. 

Keep Yourself Updated

Suppose you really want how to become a topper in class 10. You indeed have a proper study syllabus because nobody will help you become a topper except your teachers. Without having a syllabus and the right strategy, you will never be a good student.

That is why you need to be updated by studying your previous exam papers and sure-shot guides; if you want good grades, you surely need a previous exam syllabus and study them properly without thinking out of your educational stuff.

You can also get help from your teachers and ask them to make a comprehensive list of vital subjects and a proper schedule for class 12

Attend Classes Regular

Every student wants to be a topper in class, but nobody follows methods to improve their grades, so they become average students. Still, if you attend your classes regularly, you will earn your teachers’ trust and give you lots of responsibilities, and in the end, you will see yourself being a topper in your class.

Attending classes regularly also improves your knowledge of any subject, and you can also be concerned with your teachers if you have any questions as well as they will also tell you that how to score above 95 in the 12th boards CBSE.

Stop Wasting Your Time

If you waste your time doing un-useful things or not related to your study, then you should stop doing that as soon as possible otherwise, you never become a topper and will never get higher marks in your board exams.

Many students watch tv, using mobile or social media sites without any work, so they become lazy and waste their precious time.

As a student, you should know the value of your time, but if you cannot stop this thing, you should get help from your teacher or family member they will surely help you get rid o these kinds of problems. 

Cover All Subjects Related Issues

The student’s main problem is that they cannot solve the issues, and they do not discuss study problems with their teachers; that is why they fail to improve their study knowledge and become average students. 

If you want to improve your study knowledge and want to solve your study problem, if you have any, get help from your teacher or family members; they will help you eliminate this problem. 

Here are simple steps to find and solve problems that are related to your study

  • Find In Which Subject Your Are Weak
  • Note Down Your Subjects Or Topics
  • Try to Solve Them Yourself
  • If You Can’t Solve Problem, Ask From Your Teachers

By following these methods, you can easily find and solve your weakness and put your 100% effort into that subject.

Have Positive Vibes 

Do you know that 60% of students fail because of negative thoughts, but if you also face this problem, you should contact your family doctor or concern your parents that you have negative thinking about your study?

A positive attitude will be the skill to fix lots of the issue. During the exam period, this is an essential factor to get on your own. Attitude may be your most important for many of your students as it proves your personality in addition to your confidence. If you really want to score good marks in 12th board science, you should keep some positive vibes in your mind.

Learn With Friends

Learning in groups will improve and enhance your concentration level. You will start focusing more than before on your study; that is why you should always study with your friend or in a group that will impact your time duration and increases your study time without feeling bored.

The other part is that you can efficiently resolve your problem related to your subject or topic with your friends’ help, so start studying in groups.

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Make Proper Study Plan

It is a crucial part if you want to be a good student or topper in the 12th class. If you have no study plan or strategy to follow, you can’t become a topper and never get 90% in your 12th board exams; that is why a study plan is critical for every student. 

But how can a student make a proper study plan without anyone’s help? Let’s see how to do that with simple steps,

  1. Make A List Of Your All Subjects.
  2. Make Your Study Time Table
  3. Write Down Your Daily Tasks
  4. Complete All Given Tasks
  5. Revise This Method Everyday
Do Meditation

Doing meditation is good for health and mental illness; as a student, you can do meditation for your peace of mind and make yourself stress-free.

We strongly recommend all students to do meditation because meditation helps you recover your lost mindset and improve your mind cells to keep things safe for a long time. 

Get Up Early In The Morning For Studying

Getting up early in the morning helps you save time, but it will improve your health, stamina and make you fit.

Being a good student, you need lots of time to study, and without getting up early, you can not save your time; that is why you should try to get up early in the morning and follow your study plan to become a good student topper.

Give Mock Tests

Learning your subjects will not solve all your problems if you can’t give tests every day. You can give the mock test to your siblings and teachers that will improve your learning skills.

Mock tests are your real friends and give you complete detail on where you are doing wrong, which will save your time and help you become a CBSE topper class 12.

Always Listen To Your Teachers

To be a topper in class, you need to listen to your teachers what you say to you. You should stay active during your classes to show that you are putting all your efforts into the study, and your teachers will also start thinking that you are serious about your study and want to do something in your life.

They will start giving you tips and help you improve your study knowledge without paying anything to anyone, that is why you should always listen to your teachers.

Extra Tips To Become A Topper In Class 12th

  1. Improve Your Knowledge On Given Topic.
  2. Stay Active During Your Classes. 
  3. Know Your Weaknesses And Try To Solve Them. 
  4. Follow Your Study Time Table.
  5. Try To Practise With Your Friends. 
  6. Keep Yourself Positive During Exams. 
  7. Never Learn From Outdated Books. 
  8. Take Breaks During Study. 
  9. Always Get In Touch With Your Teachers. 
  10. Never Pressurize Yourself For Higher Marks. 


You have learned about how to be a good student in the class and how can you improve your grades in board exams by following the above methods, but you should keep in mind that if you want higher grades in board exams, you will have to do hard work and only keep the focus on your study.

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