How To Become An Air Traffic Controller? A To Z Guide

Do you want to become an air traffic controller? Want to build future in aircraft industry as a air traffic controller, if yes then you are on the right place. In this article, we will tell you a step by step guide about how to be an air traffic controller and what are the requirements to become an air traffic officer.

Air Traffic Controllers are a group of people who work in Airports, and their job is to ensure the safety of not only other aircraft but also those on board. They use many devices such as radars or two-way radios that give them information about what’s going on around an airport so they can stay safe themselves while doing their critical task. An Air traffic controller is also the main balance between air and ground for aircraft security and passengers safety. It is a very complex job, but if you really want to become an air traffic controller, you can try to get the job.

Air Traffic Controllers are necessary to keep flight paths clear and ensure that pilots have all of the information they need to land safely. They work long hours, but it’s worth every second when you know what an air traffic controller does.

For example, in some countries like India or Thailand – where there is only one ATC per airport- becoming this profession isn’t so challenging because these jobs grow on trees (literally). However, with more than 8500 airports worldwide having their controllers, not everyone will be able to take up aviation as a career option, meaning obtaining qualifications can become challenging without spending years earning degrees, which might put people off due to lack of financial stability.

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller In USA

If you want to become an Air Traffic Controller in the United States country, your citizenship must be from America. Secondly, candidates will need to complete a degree-level program approved by FAA’s(Federal Aviation Administration) or Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI). They can pursue any discipline such as primary navigation and flight operations, aviation weather, air traffic control technology, aviation law, and radar. For example, anything related to air traffic management or radar technology.

So if you want to build a future as an air traffic controller in the USA, you should get admission in associate degree courses for being an air traffic controller approved through AT-CTI.

After completing their associate degree training program, candidates need a recommendation from AT-CTI approved schools for the FAA Academy’s air traffic control (ATC) course. During this process, they get detailed theoretical instruction on how to use electronic devices like surveillance systems, simulators, weapons used in an aircraft environment; it also provides practical experience using these items while undergoing mock hijackings or other emergencies that would arise during operations at an airport.

How to become an air traffic controller?

Candidates can pursue further education by earning either one more year of credits toward bachelor’s degrees specific towards aeronautical engineering disciplines such as civil aviation management, but have them specialize even.

Skills Requirements To Become A Professional Air Traffic Controller

  • Candidate Must Speak Fluent English Language And Sharp Mind.
  • Candidate Should Be Very Active/Alert Nature.
  • Candidate Should Have Quick Decision Making Skills/ Situation Handling Skills.
  • Candidate Must Be Interested In The Aviation Industry/ Hard Worker.
  • Candidate Should Have Social Nature And Friendly Nature.
  • Applicant Should Have Multi-tasking Skills.

Requirements To Become An Air Traffic Controller

  1. Candidate Must Be A Citizen Of The United State.
  2. Traffic Controller Also Pass The Physical, Mental Health Test For Twice In A Year.
  3. Candidate Must Pass Medical Evaluations That Include Vision, Color Vision, Hearing, Psychological, Substance Abuse, Cardiac And Neurological Tests.
  4. Candidate Must Pass The Criminal Background History In Order To Become An Air Traffic Controller.
  5. Candidate Age Should Below From 31 Years At The Timing Of First Hiring In The Air Industry.

Air Traffic Controller State Wise Salary List

If we talk about the salary of air traffic controller in the USA country then you can get up to 60k dollar per year. As a fresher, you will get up to 15k salary package and after gaining some experience you will get up to 130,000$ which also depend on your location, experience. So over all salary package for air traffic controller is not bad that means you can build your future in the airline industry.

Here is the salary package of air traffic controller state wise, and top 10 highest paying states for air traffic controller salary package listed by the forbes platform.

1. New Hampshire$147,350
2. Virginia$139,520
3. Illinois$136,390
4. Georgia$136,210
5. Texas$133,260
6. California$132,300
7. Minnesota$131,330
8. Ohio$131,180
9. New York$130,840
10. Colorado$128,210
Top 10 states for highest paying salary of an air traffic controller

How Long does it Take to Become an Air Traffic Controller?

The time involved to become an Air Traffic Controller varies from individual and depends on the path you choose. Candidates must first complete their associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the AT-CTI program, which can be completed quickly with some experience under your belt if three years of progressively responsible work is all that stands between you and this exciting career opportunity. If four years’ worth were not enough for you, then maybe thinking about taking up a Master’s Degree would do it to become an air traffic controller.

If you want to become fully certified traffic controller you have to complete 4 to 5 years of job training in order to become fully certified traffic controller.

Air Traffic Controller Schools In USA (AT-CTI Approved)

Aims Community College GreeleyColorado
Arizona State University MezaArizona
Broward College Pembroke PinesFlorida
Community College of Baltimore County BaltimoreMaryland
Dowling College OakdaleNew York
Florida Institute of Technology MelbourneFlorida
Green River College AuburnWashington
Hampton University HamptonVirginia
Kent State University KentOhio
Mount San Antonio College WalnutCalifornia

These are the best AT-CTI approved school for those students who want to build future in the airline industry but you can get the complete list of some approved AT-CTI schools in the USA country so check this link AT-CTI Approved Schools List

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller In India

How to become an air traffic controller in india? If you are also looking about this information then you are on right platform. Being an air traffic controller is not an easy task for students but you can make this happen if you complete a bachelor degree with science stream in 12th class only then you can build future as a air traffic controller in india.

In your graduation degree you must complete it with an engineering degree in a stream like aeronautics, electronics, radio engineering, telecommunications, airline technology.

First of all, candidates have to apply for an ATC test, which the Civil Aviation Authority conducts. To get tested and hire as an Air Traffic Controller in India, one must succeed at this written based criteria consisting of four papers: Personal Interview (as per Indian Council For Aeronautics Research), Medical Fitness Test/Physical Ability Test followed by training at Allahabad’s Civil Aviation Training College if qualified then after graduation they may become employed with Indian Airlines Corporation Limited or private airline companies such Emirates Skyline Dubai International Airport.

Air Traffic Controller Eligibility In India

  1. Candidate must have graduation course/degree with physics or mathematics stream in order to become an air traffic controller in india.
  2. Candidate should have at least 60% Marks in their relevant degree. Although the minimum percentage may vary from category to category.
  3. In order to become an air traffic controller, candidate age should not be less than 21 years and maximum age should be 27 years but some categories are reserved.

Air Traffic Controller Salary In India

If we talk about the salary package of air traffic controller in india then its depend on many other factors like, company status, job profit, experience, location, study etc. But if we talk about the average salary package then it would be around 50,000 INR to 90,000 INR per month.

After gaining some experience in the airline industry, your salary will be in lakhs so there is no tension about salary or future, you will be successful.

Here are some job positions in the airline as a air traffic controller in india

  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Junior Executive
  • Executive Director
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Joint General Manager
  • General Manager

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller After 12th Class?

You can’t become an air traffic controller after 12th class in india because the minimum requirements to become an air traffic controller in india a graduation course, degree with science stream, physics, maths subjects or with B.Tech/B.E in Aeronautical/Electronics/ Radio Engineering /Telecommunication or BBA in Aviation.

Can You Become An Air Traffic Controller After Age 31?

You can’t become an air traffic controller after 31 years or your age should not be more than 31 by FAA requirements in the usa country. However, retired military air traffic controllers may qualify for appointment after reaching 31 years of age.

How Much Does FAA Academy Cost?

The cost for FAA Academy would be 10,000$ to 35,000$ with 60 credits.

Is It Hard To Become An Air Traffic Controller?

Becoming an air traffic controller is not hard as you think but not an easy to be a part of aviation industry. All you need to do study in science stream such as physics, maths, telecommunication, etc.

Final Words

So at the end, air traffic controller is a very hard job and need full concentration because your job will be the key of whole aircraft safety. We went through the whole process of being an air traffic controller after graduation and understand the step by step guide to become an air traffic controller.

If you have any question, you can ask us via comment section, edujagran team will try to answer as soon as possible.

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