How to Become An IPS Officer In India- Salary, Future Scope

Many student want to know how to become an ips officer in india and that is why they prepare and do study hard to achieve their goals. If you also want to become an ips officer in 2021 then you are right to here. We will tell you a step by step guide on how to build future as an ips officer and how can you crack upsc exam.

Every year many student apply for upsc exam and only few of them got IPS officer job but UPSC exam is one of the hardest exam in india and only hard working students can crack the upsc entrance exam.

How To Become An IPS Officer

Indian Police Service (IPS) officers are the sophisticated, experienced and highly educated professionals in India. Being an IPS officer is a reward by itself as the position comes with lots of perks and privileges. IPS stands for Indian Police Service under the administrative control of Union Public Services Commission called UPSC.

It is a distinguished service which selects its members through Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC for each state every year on specific dates. The strength of IPS officers in India has increased to greater heights over the years but how much salary do they get?

How much money does an Indian Police Service Officer draw per month? IPS officers have their pay drawn in terms of pay band, grade pay, and level of position so let’s start the topic with “how to become an ips officer”

How To Become An IPS Officer After 12th

Indian Police Service (IPS) officers are the backbone of the police force. An IPS officer is always on call in case an emergency arises. However, the life of a police officer can be challenging and stressful at times as they have to deal with numerous situations, some of which may include road accidents, riots or criminal activities, etc.

For becoming an ips officer after 12th class, you must know what does an ips officer do? What are the activities that they perform during duty so here it is,

What Does An IPS Officer Do?

The duties of police officers are wide-ranging, but their main responsibility includes:

  • Managing law and order issues through preventive policing.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Investigation in cases related to crimes against women, crime against children, human trafficking and violence among others.
  • Checking illegal activities such as drug trafficking.
  • Collecting evidence for court proceedings.
  • Ensuring safety from terrorist attacks by suspected groups or individuals.
  • A fair inquiry into citizen’s complaints sophisticated, experienced and highly educated professionals in India.

Steps To Become An IPS Officer

In order to become an ips officer after 12th class you must follow the steps and producer for applying the UPSC exam. If you wish to apply or want to reapply to ips officer job then student have to clear the upsc exam, personal interview and group discussion etc.

Here are the steps on how to become an ips officer in india and study requirements along with entrance exam.

Apply To UPSC Exam

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the organization to be approached for any information on how to apply for the job of an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in India. The IAS is one of the three All-India Services, which form part of a group known as Central Services.

How To Become An IPS Officer

The other two services are the Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS). The UPSC has conducted various exams for recruitment into all three services quite frequently.

If you have completed 12th class in science stream then you need to understand how to apply to UPSC Exam and what are the requirements for upsc entrance exam for being an ips officer after 12th class.

  • Student Should Have 60% Marks In 12th Class.
  • Aspirant Should Completed The 12th In Science Stream.
  • Candidate Must Have Smart Mindset, Intelligent, Ability To Handle Any Situation.
  • Students Can Apply To UPSC Exam Online By Visiting Their Official Website.

Clear Preliminary Exam

Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination requires an in-depth knowledge of how to crack it. We will focus on how to crack the preliminary exam conducted by UPSC before appearing for the mains examination which is considered as a qualifier exam where aspirants are shortlisted for appearing in the main examination.

Here is the idea about how to prepare for the preliminary exam of cse if you want to become an ips officer in india,

  1. You should have to read some books or even need to get guide from institutes because upsc exam is hard and very important for how to become an ips officer after 12th class.
  2. The preliminary exam will be 400 marks and you have to get the minimum marks in order to pass it.
  3. This exam will be qualify entrance exam and if you clear the exam you will be promoted to enter in main exam.
  4. Student must have 60% marks in 12th class and 55% marks in graduation program in order to participate in upsc exam.

Now we will UPSC exam syllabus that will help you to understand what kind of questions you will get in entrance exam of UPSC.

  1. General Science.
  2. History Of India And The Nation Movement.
  3. Indian And World Geography- Social, Economics, Physical Geography Of India And World.
  4. Economic And Social Development- Poverty, Social Sectors, Etc.
  5. General Issues On Environment Ecology Etc.

These are some of the content of upsc exam paper still, there are some important part and syllabus that you can find on google.

Clear CSE Main Exam

This is the second exam called mains after preliminary exam and student can only apply to this exam if he/she has got passing marks in first exam.

In order to become an ips officer student must clear the second exam of upsc only then he can be promoted as a IAS/ IPS officer in india.

CSE Main PaperMarks
2 General Studies Paper300
1 English Paper300
1 General Type Of Essay200
1 Essay Type Indian Language300
4 Optional Subject Paper300
Exam TypeDescriptive
How to become an ips officer

Give Personal Interview

This is the final stage of upsc exam and when students clear the two hardest part of upsc entrance exam the interview stage will be final part after that candidate will be promoted as a IPS officer in various fields depend on your rank.

In personal interview only 400 to 500 candidate got selection and during the interview ‘subject knowledge’ as well as mental ability, will be checked by UPSC interviewers.

UPSC Personal Interview

The all information is given about how to become an ips officer in india and if you we also mentioned syllabus of ips, salary of ips officer.

After that selected candidates start getting the IPS training for one year in Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Academy and according to the requirements they give positions to those officers and posted in various organizations and fields.

Best Books To Prepare Preliminary & Main Exam

Here are some best books to prepare for preliminary exam that you can study and clear the upsc exam.

  • History Of Modern India
  • Oxford School Atlas by Oxford Publishers
  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  • The Wonder That Was India
  • Economic Survey
  • Indian and World Geography for Civil Services
  • Facts of Indian Culture-Geography of India
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
  • Social Problems In India
  • India and the World, Written by Surendra Kumar
  • India After Gandhi
  • IAS Mains General Studies Paper 2
  • IAS Mains General Studies Paper 3
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude for Civil Services Mains
  • Challenges to Internal Security of India
  • Pax Indica – Shashi Tharoor

Eligibility Requirement For IPS Officer

There are some physical requirements and minimum qualification for ips. So here are the most important requirements for being an ips officer in 2021,

  • One should have completed 12th class in science stream with 60% marks.
  • For applying to UPSC exam, candidate must have graduation degree or in last year of your graduation can also apply for UPSC exam.
  • Candidate age should not be less than 21 years.
  • The minimum height for IPS for men is 165cm in the general category, 160 cm in the lower categories.
  • The Eye vision should be 6/6 or 6/9 for better vision.
  • The chest of men should be 84 cm and expand up to 5 cm, and for women, it should be 79 cm and expandable up to 5 cm.
  • Good listening and normal ear cavity around1k-4k frequency hearing impairment should not be more than 30 decibels.

Responsibilities of IPS Officer

The IPS officer is entrusted with the following key responsibilities in relation to espionage and anti-terrorism activities:

  • Maintaining contacts with Intelligence agencies and armed forces of foreign countries;
  • Carrying out investigations into cases involving a threat to national security;
  • Ensuring secrecy of information about the official work.

Whenever a foreign national suspected of espionage or any other anti-national activity comes into India, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) investigates with the help of local police. The investigations are carried out by the IPS officers who have experience and expertise in their respective fields. As per IB guidelines, the officers must be intelligent and aware of current events.

IPS Salary

If we talk about the salary of ips officer in india then it can around 60,000 INR to 80,000 INR depend on your rank and experience that is why most of the students do hard work for getting an IPS officer job because it has huge growth and respect that nobody can earn easily.

FAQs About How To Become An IPS Officer In India

What Subjects Are Required To Become An IPS Officer

There are important subjects are mentioned in “how to become an ips officer”,
But for being an ips officer you must have knowledge about History, Geography, Civics, and Economics, History of India, Math, Science, General Knowledge, Aptitude Etc. 

Which Degree Is Best For IPS Officer

If you want to become an ips officer in 2021 and want to know the degree then BA is best degree program to apply for upsc exam.

How Long Is IPS Officer Training

Training period of an IPS Officer is near about 3 years.

Final Words

We have covered the complete guide how to become an ips officer. In india, there are many institutes from where you can get admission for clear the upsc exam because it is a very hard exam and only hard worker can achieve the highest rank.

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