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How To Make A Proper Study Timetable For Class 10

Most students struggle to make a proper study timetable and work hard to get good marks in classes; that is why some 10 class students are curious to know how to make a study timetable in the right way. 

If you are in class 10, you must follow all these steps that will be described here, and you can also make a proper time table for higher marks in your school. 

Steps By Step To Create Study Time-Table

  1. Wake up Early In The Morning
  2. Do Meditation
  3. Give 2 Hours To Chemistry
  4. Do Revision
  5. Studied Your Subjects One By One
  6. Take Rest And Do revision
  7. Studied For English Subject
  8. Spend One Hour With Friends or Family
  9. Give the Mock Test every day
  10. Studied Your Hard Subjects For 4 Hours A Day

Wake Up Early In The Morning: Every student needs to get up early in the morning because, as a student, you need lots of time to study hard, so it is important to get up early for every student.

Learning early in the morning helps you remember more study than normal. Your brain cells are at the stage of saving lots of new information without any problem, and studying at this time will save lots of time and complete your other work. 

If you wake up from 4 to 5 pm, you can practice two or three subjects every day early and complete your syllabus at the right time, and you can easily hit the 90% mark.

Do Meditation At 6 am 

As you know, meditation is one of the best treatments to heal and help you recover your energy and improve your body performance every day if you do meditation. 

Give up to 30 minutes to meditation and then take some rest and revise what you have studied before. 

Give 2 Hours To Chemistry

At 7 to 9 am, do a study of chemistry subjects, focus on your important question, read them first, and get an idea from your teacher on which topic is more important than others. 

Now, try to cover only important questions or topics if you have any problem or question related to any topic written down in your book and you can ask from your teachers. 

1 Hour For Revision

After studying your chemistry or any subject for 2 hours, you need to revise all topics you have learned before and do not complete this task quickly, keep your time and revise properly for 1 hour. 

Take Your Breakfast

After revision, take your breakfast and rest for half an hour or talk with your family or friends sometimes; then, after you feel good, start following your timetable. 

10 to 12 pm Take Physics

Now, you should study for your next subject, and it can be any subject, choose as per your requirement and start studying for two hours a day. 

You also need to write down how many topics you have learned and what things you need to cover yet.

If you are a science student, you need to study more than normal students because the science stream is hard, and getting a higher score in this stream can be challenging for you.

Revise Your Subjects And Take Lunch

Revision is the main key to saving things in your brain; that is why it is vital to practice study and take your lunch within half an hour then take some rest. 

Pick Up Math Subject For 2 Hours

After taking a rest, it is time to solve some puzzle problems in your mathematics subject and try to put your 99% effort into it; if you have a question or can’t solve any math problem, write down your book and ask your teacher in class. 

Take A Cup Of tie At 3 am

At 3 am, you need a cup of tea to charge up your brain cells and find more information online on your subjects to improve your skills and help you get good marks in the incoming exams.

Study for English subject one hour

The English language is one of the most important keys to getting you a job after your graduation; that is why you must have up to 60% in your English subject so you should study for it at least one hour and if you are having problems with your subject search on youtube or internet and solve them as per your requirements. 

Spend Your one hour with friends

At 5 am, you can spend your time with friends and share your knowledge with them if possible otherwise, you can go for an evening walk with friends or family members. 

And in this hour, you can enjoy yourself with friends, talk with them, or you can also spend your time online without overthinking. 

Take Mock Test For One Hour

Now, it is time to check how much study you did and how many things your brain can save for a long time and take a mock test of every subject one by one, but it will be best if you get help from your family or siblings to check your performance. 

Recover What You Missed At 9 to 11 Pm

After giving a mock test, you need to check how much improvement you need yet, find your important weaknesses, and then try to recover them by studying two hours at night.

Because you need a proper guide on how well you are studying or learning things easily and where you are doing wrong, mock tests should also be included in your study timetable.

Take Sleep

At 11 pm, you can go to sleep and keep in mind that It is crucial not to forget that studying is equal to some professions. It takes technical understanding and the ability to keep your brain smart with the right study plan and help you achieve your 10 class grades. 

If you want to make a timetable for a 10 class student in dept, you need to get advice from your teachers or parents. They will appropriately guide you if you have any suggestions to change your study plan; they do not hesitate to talk with your teachers.

More Tips To Get Good Marks In Exams

  1. Save your time as much as you can and invest it in the study, because time is priceless. 
  2. Do not waste your time watching tv or cartoons; it can affect your eyes and brain cells, which will decrease your brain energy. 
  3. Only practice from some trusted books can give you higher marks than before so just make sure you can choose the right books. 
  4. You should only eat some healthy food and those green vegetables that help your brains and body.. 
  5. Try to learn things online or from apps, but while learning English, keep a dictionary with you. 


Faq On How To Make A Study time table For 10 class

Q1: How To make a proper study plan for 10 class icse boards?

Ans: There are some ways to make a proper study plan for 10 class icse students that are getting advice from teachers, or by following the above timetable, you can surely hit the 90% marks in exams. 

Q2: What are the tips for icse students in studying hard?

Ans: A study is the main key to your success, and that is why you should follow the above steps listed here. 

  • Try to cover only important questions or help from teachers. 
  • Save your time and ignore watching cartoons or tv or mobile phones. 
  • Follow all steps every day, and it will become your habit. 

Q3: How can you get 90% marks in icse exams?

Ans: It’s all dependent on your hard work and dedication, it also depends on your study plan, how many times you study in a day, and how effectively you are studying or getting tuitions. 

Q4: How much percentage is good in icse board exams for 10 class students?

Ans: If you are an intelligent student, then you should try to get 99% marks in incase exams, but 70 to 80% marks are very good. You can hit these numbers by following the study time table that is discussed above.

Q5: How Do You Become A Topper In Class 10? 

  • Focus on your study and cover all subjects. 
  • Always listen to your teachers and stay active in your class.
  • Read important subjects every day and get help from your teachers. 
  • Do not waste your time on mobile or watching tv.


These are the best methods to make your study timetable for 10 class students for icse board, but if you are doing 10th in any other board, you can also follow these tips and improve your marks. 

You should keep in mind that study plans are just ways to motivate and help you improve your performance if you follow them, but if you do not follow your study time table, you can’t beat 90% marks in 10 class icse board exams.

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