List Of Physiotherapy Courses- Colleges, Eligibility, Fees And Admission Process

The Medical industry building a huge success rate worldwide, and physiotherapy is the best course for building a career in the medical line that is why we have provided the list of physiotherapy courses. It is the most promising opt for medical students who want to become professional physiotherapists in 2021. Most students apply for physiotherapy courses after 12th Class instead of MBBS and BDS.

As we know, the medical industry has hugely grown in the last few decades. That is why the physiotherapist demand increased in India and other countries; that is why there is vast future scope if you do a medical course after 12th Class in the science stream.

So in the topic, we have covered a list of physiotherapy courses, the best college for physiotherapy and the admission process. Let’s get started with the common question: What is physiotherapy and how to become a physiotherapist in India?

What Is Physiotherapy Course?

A physiotherapist can cure and restore body parts with physical exercise and provide treatment with ancient scientific methods to physically handicapped or challenged people. In India, all professional physiotherapist called a doctor that helps people with non-surgical treatment for reducing their pain.

The physiotherapy courses are available for different levels such as diploma, graduation courses, post-graduation courses of physiotherapists in India. Students can do any of the above courses after the 12th Class in the science stream.

List Of Physiotherapy Courses In India

  1. BPT (Bachelor Of Physical Therapy)
  2. BSc In Physiotherapy
  3. Diploma In Physiotherapy
  4. BOT (Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy)
  5. MPT (Master In Physiotherapy)
  6. MSc In Physiotherapy
  7. Master Of Physiotherapy (Neurology)
  8. M.D In Physiotherapy
  9. Diploma In Sports Physiotherapy (PG)
  10. Ph.D. In Physiotherapy (Doctorate Degree)

These are the best trending physiotherapy courses for 12th pass students in 2021; some are for graduation. Some are for post-graduation students who want to do mastery or Ph.D. in physiotherapy.

Important Skills For Physiotherapist Course

As we know that being a good doctor is very hard, you must have the skills mentioned here, and without these skills you can’t get huge success in the medical industry. 

  • You must have the ability to handle emergencies.
  • As a professional physiotherapist, you should have positive and friendly nature with patients; without this, you can’t build friendly relations with patients. Also, you must know to understand the patient illness and pain that how to cure him without wasting time. 
  • As a doctor, you should have confidence in your work and always try to speak the clarity of speech. 
  • You should always give confidence to your patients and try to speak with them in a convincing tone.

How To Become A Physiotherapist After 12th Class?

For getting a respective job in the medical industry, you have some knowledge about the courses and how you can get admission in these courses. For being a professional physiotherapist after 12th Class, you have to follow the steps given in this topic so let us guide you in the right direction.

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Complete 12th Class In Science Stream

For getting admission in physiotherapy course, you must complete 12th class in science stream with a minimum of 50% marks only; then you can apply for the medical course. 

Some colleges give direct admission as per your last class result, but some colleges take exams like CET, GGSIPU and you have to pass that test to get admission in physiotherapy course as a graduate student. 

Complete Your BPT Course

This is a four-year duration course in which you will get deep knowledge related to physiotherapy study and if you want to get a good salary package, you have to pass the BPT course with good marks. 

But your journey will not stop; you still need to take a 1 to 2-year internship to get an excellent job in a hospital. Some students continue their studies after completing the graduation course, but if you want to do the job, you can quickly get a job in a hospital as a physiotherapist. 

Complete Your Internship

The internship program is only for those students who want to continue their study and want to do MPT (Master In Physiotherapy); otherwise, you can directly apply for a job when you complete your BSc in physiotherapy course.

If you want to continue your study then you need to complete 6 months of internship, otherwise, you can’t apply for a master’s degree in the physiotherapy program.

Physiotherapy Courses List
Physiotherapy Courses List

List Of Physiotherapy Course For Graduation

We have mentioned the best physiotherapy courses after 12th Class along with fees, duration and level of courses so check this out.

Course Name  Type Of Course  Course Duration Fees
BPT (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy) Undergraduate Course 3 To 4 years 1 Lakh To 5 Lakhs
Diploma In Physiotherapy Undergraduate Course 2 To 3 Years 10k To 5 Lakhs
BOT (Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy) Undergraduate Course 3 To 5 Years 3 To 4 Lakhs
Bachelor Of Veterinary Science Undergraduate Course 5 Years 60k To 3 Lakhs
Diploma In Sports Physiotherapy Undergraduate Course 2 Years 10k To 2 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Courses

Let’s talk about the admission eligibility criteria for physiotherapy courses. There is no such difference in requirements but we have mentioned some information that you must know before applying for the physiotherapy course.

  1. For undergraduate courses, you should have complete the 12th class in the science stream and you should have a minimum of 50% marks for admission in physiotherapy diploma course.
  2. Students must have completed the graduation program for post-graduate courses with 55% marks for applying for the post-graduate course.
  3. For admission in the BPT program, you should pass the CET, GGSIPU entrance exam; only qualified students can apply for the graduation course.

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Course Syllabus

Semester 1st
  • Basic Nursing
  • Anatomy
  • English
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
Semester 2nd
  • Sociology
  • Biomechanics
  • Psychology
  • Orientation To Physiotherapy
Semester 3rd
  • First Aid And CPR
  • Pathology
  • Constitution Of India
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
Semester 4th
  • Introduction To Treatment
  • Research Methodology And Biostatics
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise Therapy
Semester 5th
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Orthopedics And Traumatology
Semester 6
  • Allied Therapies
  • Supervised Rotatory Clinical Training
  • Orthopedics And Sports Physiotherapy
Semester 7
  • Neuro-Physiology
  • Community Medicine
  • Neurology And Neurosurgery
Semester 8
  • Supervised Rotatory Clinical Training
  • Ethics, Administration  And Supervision
  • Evidence Based Physiotherapy And Practice
  • Project
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List Of Physiotherapy Courses For Post-graduate
Course Name Type Of Course Course Duration Fees
MPT (Master In Physiotherapy) Post-graduate 2 Years 2 Lakhs To 7 Lakhs
Master Of Physiotherapy (Neurology) Post-graduate 2 Years 40k To 3 Lakhs
M.D In Physiotherapy Post-graduate 3 Years 10 Lakhs To 25 Lakhs
PhD In Physiotherapy Post-graduate 2 years 5 Lakhs To 25 Lakhs
PG Diploma In Sports Physiotherapy Post-graduate 1 Year 1 Lakhs To 3 Lakhs

These are the best and trending physiotherapy postgraduate courses that students can do after their graduation program. Still, there are some eligibility requirements in order to get admission in PG courses, so let’s see what needs you have to fulfill for physiotherapists’ courses. 

Eligibility Criteria For Postgraduate Physiotherapy Courses

Here are the eligibility criteria for the postgraduate program and doctorate program. 

  1. You should have a minimum of 55% marks in your previous BPT course and clear the entrance exam to get admission in the Postgraduate program. 
  2. You will have to complete six months of internship for applying for a postgraduate program after the MPT program. 
  3. To get admission in the MSC program, you need to get good marks in your previous program; only then can you get admission in MSc in physiotherapy. 
  4. Students must clear the graduation program with 60% marks and good marks in the entrance exam by clearing the interview for post-graduate study in physiotherapy.

Career Scope After Physiotherapy Courses In 2021

As we mentioned, the medical sector is enormous and has a vast future scope; whatever you study in medical, you can build a future so here are your future scope if you do a physiotherapy courses after 12th class. 

Good Salary As A Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist, there are many courses that students can do because there are many sub-categories in physiotherapy courses. That is why you need to understand which section you want to study. 

If you do BPT, you can get a salary package of around five lakhs per annual but after gaining some experience as a physiotherapist, your salary will increase and you also get many perks along with a good salary. 

Become A Senior Physiotherapist

While doing a job as a physiotherapist, your knowledge and experience will increase, which means your salary will also increase and as a senior physiotherapist, you can get up to 70,000 monthly salary in India. 

You can also continue your study and do MPT for a better position in the hospital then your salary will be in lakhs. Here are some employment sectors in which you will do the job. 

 Employement Area
  1. Private And Government Sector
  2. Pharma Industry
  3. GYM And Fitness Industry
  4. Sports Club
  5. Colleges And Universities
  6. Defense Organizations
  7. Health Institutes
Job Position
  1. Researcher
  2. Private Physiotherapist
  3. Assistant Physiotherapist
  4. Customer Care Assistance
  5. Self Made Physiotherapist Businessman
  6. Consultant

List Of Government Physiotherapy College

  1. D.A.V. Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (Jalandhar)
  2. Lovely Professional University
  3. Apollo Physiotherapy College, Hyderabad
  4. SSIU Gandhi Nagar
  5. OM Sterling Global University, Hisar
  6. JSS College Of Physiotherapy, Mysore
  7. Madras Medical College, Channai
  8. Parul University, Gujrat
  9. MMDU Ambala
  10. University Of Engineering And Management, Jaipur

These are best government and private college from where you can do physiotherapy course, diploma or post-graduate program. You can also find best college near you by visiting there.

FAQs On “Physiotherapy Course”

Q1: Is Physiotherapy Course Difficult To Study?

Ans: If we talk about medical study, it can be difficult for you because it’s hard to read but physiotherapy course is easy to understand and you can easily understand the course language. It also depends on you how you study and how much practice you do.

Q2: Is Physiotherapy Course Good For Career Growth?

Ans: If you have done your 12th class in science stream and want to do something in medical line then a physiotherapy course is perfect for your future because as a professional physiotherapist, you can get a good salary package after gaining some experience or if you do post-graduate then your salary will be in lakhs.

Q3: How Can I Become A Physiotherapist After 12th?

Ans: If you want to become a physiotherapist after 12th class, you need to pass 12th class with a minimum of 50% marks and apply for the BPT course in your selected college. Some colleges take an entrance exam for giving admission in physiotherapy courses.

Final Words

A physiotherapy course is best for building a career in the medical line so we have provided the list of physiotherapy courses, and you can apply for a physiotherapy diploma, course or post-graduation program after completing your previous study program because there is vast scope in this industry.
If you have any questions or want to get our help, you can comment below or send us an email, we will help you with your career growth.

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