Report Writing On Teachers Day Celebration (Complete Guide)

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Write A Report On Teachers Day Celebration In Your School

Topic:- Report Writing on Teachers Day Celebration.

All the students of our school XYZ have arranged an event on this teachers day which is also remembered as the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was recently a Governor-General for India and President Pratibha Devidayal HInscoor College at Hubli in Karnataka during the independence era 1886 – 1950, His contribution has made him one among our most well-known people with nationalistic passion. The program began by praying and singing the National anthem at 9:30 AM; after that Vice-principal announced all events were happening on stage through the mic. Local MLA Maca Gandhi too joined us during performances.

Report Writing On Teachers Day Celebration
Report Writing On Teachers Day Celebration

The students are always eager to show their gratitude towards the teachers. On this day, our class performed a play about what it is like for them as they go through school and learn with all teachers who help shape your life in many ways. The following group of 8 seniors then read poems from various subject areas written specifically honoring those teachers who have gone before us – including parents! Finally, there was an inspirational speech by Principal Sir where he reminded everyone just how much opportunity awaits at any given time if you’re willing to work hard enough; but also know when someone else has done so much more than could ever be expected without proper recognition or thanks giving spirit present within each human heart.

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