Top 10 Best Courses After 10th Pass For Girls In India

Education is the primary key to get success in life and improvement skills to give some knowledge about the best courses after the 10th pass for girls. In India, every student needs to know the right advice for future growth.

If we talk about the regular classes, including mathematics, chemistry, Math (PCM) and Mathematics Chemistry, Biology (PCB), a wide variety of diploma classes can be provided to those students who’ve passed in class 10. A number of those degree courses may furthermore be pursued through distance education. 

Here Are few of the Best diploma courses you can start following after 10th and many students asks after 10th which field is best for girls? It isn’t just an awkward matter but can also be a matter which builds their living path.

This period is the most comprehensive to everybody else, and there’s not any requirement to fear. Let’s start this topic about short term courses after 10th for getting a job in the government sector which is beneficial for girls. 

Best Courses List After 10th Class For Girls In India

  1. Fashion Designing Course
  2. Nursing Diploma
  3. ITI Course
  4. Diploma In Art Teaching
  5. Travel & Tourism Study
  6. IT & Computer Technology
  7. Diploma In Garment Technology
  8. Diploma In Beauty & Hair Dressing
  9. Laboratory Technician Diploma

There are many other courses and diploma for girls if anyone has completed 10th class and want to do a diploma then students can take any course in which they are interested. 

After getting a certificate in diploma, students can easily get a good job in a related field. These are government job-oriented courses after 10th class and start your career. Let’s see all courses that are only for girls.

Fashion Designing Course

The fashion industry is growing very fast in India, and if you are interested in making your own brand or stylish clothes for rich people, you can get admission in this field. If you have a great vision and have the right expertise to show others, you can surely go with fashion designing courses.

Here are the eligibility and fees for fashion designing courses in India (for girls only)

  • A Candidate Should Have Minimum 55% Marks In 10th Class.
  • Student Age Should Be 16 Years.
  • The Average Fees Of Designing Course Is 40k To 50k Yearly.
  • The Course Duration is About 1 To 2 Years After 10th Class.

Let’s look at the benefits of fashion designing courses for girls and where they can get a job in India?

  1. Girls Can Easily Get A Job In Multi-National Company After Designing Course.
  2. Student Can Also Apply For Govt Jobs In India.
  3. Huge Chances To Work For Top Level Brands Or Celebrities.
  4. Chances To Get Higher Salary Package In India.
  5. You Can Build Your Own Brand And Expand It Globally.

These are the main benefits for girls who have completed a designing course or want to do it after 10 classes and can easily apply for a job in any sector.

Nursing Diploma For Girls

The medical industry is one of the vast and rich sectors worldwide, so every second student prefers to study in the medical line. If you are also such a student and want to become a medical expert, you can do a diploma course after 10th in the medical field.

  1. Diploma In Nursing Care Assistance
  2. Diploma In Aryuvadic Nursing
  3. Rural Health Care Diploma
  4. Diploma In Health Care
  5. Vivo Health Care Diploma For Girls

We have mentioned some best diplomas and courses for girls in the medical line, and you can apply for any of the courses after your 10th class because there is a massive scope of all nursing diplomas in India.

Now, we will see some benefits of nursing courses in India,

  1. Best Salary Package After Experience In Medical Line.
  2. Student Can Also Apply For Job In International Country After Getting Some Experience. 
  3. Medical Job is Very Respected And Professional.
  4. Nursing Courses Fees Is Lower For 10th Class Students. 

If we talk about the average fees and salary of any nursing job, then a candidate can earn around 20k to 25k as a fresher, and the fees of these courses are around 30k to 50k yearly.

ITI Course For Girls

ITI is one of the favourites and most trending education in India, and every student study of iti course if they do not want to do 12th class, and they get admission to iti diploma. If you are a girl and want to it, then here are some best iti courses you can do, start your education, and earn a certificate in India.

Let’s see the iti course list for only girls,

  1. Dress Making
  2. Tools & Die Maker
  3. Hair And Skin Care
  4. Commercial Art Diploma
  5. Leather Goods Maker
  6. Cutting And Sewing
  7. Catering And Hospitality Assistant

These diplomas and courses are best for girls if they want to become financially free and build their career, then you can get admission after 10 class. If we talk about the benefits and eligibility criteria of admission, then here it is, 

  • Girls Can Become Financially Free After ITI Course. 
  • Best Salary Package In Dressing And Tools Maker Diploma.
  • Start Your Career After 10th Class And Save For Future Scope. 
  • You Can Easily Get A Job In ITI Industry.

Diploma In Art Teaching

Many girls want to teach other students, so we have listed an art teaching diploma for them to know about it. Many girls want to prepare for a govt teaching job after completing a course in the teaching line.

Here are the eligibility criteria for an art teaching diploma for girls in India

  • A Student Should Have up to 55% Marks In Previous Class.
  • Student Age Should Be 18 Years.
  • The Average Fees Of a Diploma is 30k To 50K in India.

Travel & Tourism Study

If you are interested in hospitality jobs, then a travel & tourism diploma can be a perfect fit after the 10th class because it is a well known professional job in India and a secured job for girls. You can say that this is the skill development courses after 10th for girls who love travel.

Here are the eligibility criteria and process of admission in hospitality diploma,

  • Student Age Must Be 18 Years.
  • A Candidate Have 60% Marks In 10th Class.
  • Students Have the Patience To Handle Any Situation.
  • The Course Duration Is Around 6 To 12 Months After 10th.
  • The Average Diploma Fees Is 30k To 2 Lakhs Yearly.

Let’s see the benefits of a travel and tourism diploma in India, 

  1. Highest Salary Package With Professional Job.
  2. Most Secured Job For Girls.
  3. Huge Scope In the Future.

IT & Computer Technology

A diploma in computer technology is available for girls after completing 10 class because some students want to build their career in the digital field, which is why computer technology and its course are available for those in India.

If you want to become an It expert or want to do a computer course after 10th class, then here are the fees and duration information about these courses. 

  • The average Fees Of an IT Diploma is 10k to 50k yearly.
  • Student Must Have Completed 10th Class With Minimum Marks.
  • It Diploma Duration Is Around 6 to 12 Months.
  • The Average Salary Package Is 20k To 30k Monthly.

As we know, the IT industry is growing very fast, and the world is becoming computerized, that is why this course has huge scope in upcoming years.

Diploma In Garment Technology

Diploma in garment technology is just a three-year degree program and teaches product and reference use. The majority of the applicants that pursuit garment technology may find chances like a fashion designer.

A garment diploma is also related to fashion designing but to get admission in this diploma; you should have a 12th class certificate.

Diploma In Beauty & Hair Dressing

The beauty industry is also a vast and richest sector in India and trending in foreign countries, and most of the students want to get admission to the beauty industry.

If you are also like to do hair-dressing, then you can get admission to this course if you do not know the eligibility of this course, then you can find it here,

  1. Students Should Have 10th Class Certificate.
  2. Student Age Should Be 18 Years For Admission

If we talk about a beauty profile salary, you can easily earn up to 30k monthly if you have your own business or working in a private company.

Laboratory Technician Diploma

There are many jobs in the medical line, and here is the laboratory technician diploma for girls. Still, boys can also do this study because it is an affordable and accessible study program.

If you want to work in an office area, you can get admission to this diploma because doing medical diploma is expensive nowadays and you can earn good salary package as a laboratory expert.

Benefits of laboratory diploma in India

  • You can earn a good salary while working in the office area.
  • Students can directly apply for this diploma.
  • Having a good future scope in India.
  • You can continue your study while working.

We have discussed the best courses after 10th class along with fees and salary packages that are essential to know for every student but boys can also do these courses because these courses are not only for girls but male students can easily make a career after 10th class.

Many students get jobs in the government sector after completing any of above diplomas and living a good life.

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