Top 10 Recommended IELTS Preparation Books For Band 9 In 2021

Top 10 Recommended IELTS Preparation Books For Band 9 In 2021

Preparing for the IELTS exam can be challenging for students who are not native speakers. We have researched IELTS exam preparation books, which are the most recommended books for the IELTS test in 2021.

IELTS exam is perfect for improving the English language and gaining higher skills for a better future approach with the international education program, and if you are interested in doing the IELTS exam but not getting good bands in IELTS, then you need more practice and knowledge of advanced English.

Every year well-organized teachers publish their own experiences and knowledge for students on how to get higher bands in the IELTS exam, and when you use those tips and knowledge, you can easily touch nine band in IELTS.

IELTS self-study books are the best options for students who want to study at home without going outside in lockdown, so we also suggest you study at your home or take online classes to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Recommended IELTS Preparation Books For 9 Bands

Before starting, You must know that you can’t get nine bands in IELTS without doing hard work, so let’s start the main topic and shine your career with the IELTS test. You will need to have good knowledge of english before reading these ielts books for better understanding. 

IELTS test can be easy for international students because of their English knowledge but if you are from outside or if your native language is not English, you have to prepare and improve your skills. 

ielts preparing books for 9 bands
ielts preparing books for 9 bands

If we talk about the best IELTS prepare books for nine bands, here is the list of those books that can help you to achieve your goals and you will also get ideas for smart study and tips for higher bands. 

Ace the Ielts: Ielts General Module – How to Maximize Your Score (3rd Edition)

This book is written by Simone Braveman and is one of the best IELTS self preparing books around the internet. This book’s main purpose is to improve your exam timing along with tips and the latest techniques that will help you understand how you can improve your IELTS score within a short time. 

Ace the IELTS book can be the best option for you if you have a lack knowledge about tips and increase your time efficiency during the ielts exam and it is the best ielts practice book for general training.

It is available on Amazon, where you can buy this book and do self-study if you already have good knowledge about the English language. 

Barron’s IELTS Superpack

The Barron’s IELTS super pack is a fully packed package for IELTS preparation students who want to improve their IELTS bands. Barron’s book has already gained the trust of many students because of the latest tips and trendy vocabulary

In this IELTS book you will get four academic modules for preparation along with tips and ideas to improve your knowledge of the advanced English language. 

The Barron’s IELTS super pack is a self-preparation IELTS book that will help you understand how to get nine bands in IELTS and achieve your target. 

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The best of this super pack is you will get the MP3 CD of six modules of general training of IELTS and you can easily improve your band score at your home by listening to the CD and the MP3 version of the book will also be provided online. You can practice anytime, anywhere.

Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio

The Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic student’s book with answers with audio is not a normal package for ielts students but the part of audio in this book will improve your English mistakes and help you understand the listening.

Well, the Cambridge partners has given this book to their students because most of the modules include how and with what ways you can answers and make ideas for speaking test so we listed this book in this topic.

British Council IELTS Book

The British Council was the best education provider. They have provided the most effective and helpful content to their IELTS students; that is why students still love to read their books to improve their English skills.

If we talk about the British council IELTS book pdf free download, you can get the IELTS pdf books online. This is just not a reading book; you will also get audio and pdf files of the British council IELTS book free by searching on the internet.

Self Study Ebook For IELTS

This set is a self-study manual that has been written by IELTS Band 8+ Experts. In this eBook, you can discover self-study tasks, tips, and methods for every subject (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) of the IELTS test.

For both the paying attention as well as reading sections, there are numerous types of ideas. The solution to each doubt can be found easily in this self-study ebook for IELTS. There are different sorts of essays for the writing section, and each essay follows a various pattern.

best IELTS preparing books for 9 bands
best IELTS preparing books for 9 bands

You can also discover the framework as well as ideas to write an effective essay. The speaking section involves a lot of suggestions to improve your speaking skills.

If you follow the tips given in this ebook, you can crack the IELTS test with nine bands; still, it’s up to you how much time you practice for higher bands, so this will be the best book for preparing the IELTS test 9 bands.

IELTS Trainer 

The IELTS Trainer book is written by two experts named Barbara Thomas and Louise Hashemi. In the IELTS trainer book, you will get six-module with answers along with audio tracks for better understanding.

Six practise tests with details of the test format, question kinds, and a scoring system for Academic and General Training IELTS. With detailed guidance and tips on answering every question, the initial two technique examinations supply outstanding test training.

Take the four technique tests to create your strategy—grammar, vocabulary, and writing practice exercises- and check out common mistakes to understand how to avoid them. The solution secret includes clear concepts, audio scripts and design-creating answers. The guide contains 3 CDs that have all the listening tests.

Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your IELTS Score

Do you want to maximize your IELTS score? Then this self-study book can help you improve your skills because there are four sections, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening.

In this book, you will get many tips and ideas to maximize your IELTS score and if you follow all these tips and opinions, this book can improve your IELTS skills.

Cambridge Grammar For IELTS

The Cambridge grammar for IELTS book is very helpful for students who lack knowledge about English grammar; that is why they never get good bands in IELTS, so this ietls book will help you understand and improve your English grammar with the Cambridge IELTS book.

In this book, you will also get some modules about general and academic training mock tests that will help you understand grammar perfectly so you can improve your English skills.

IELTS (General) 5 in 1 Ebook Tests Combo

This IELTS book has five sections in which you can learn speaking, writing, listening and reading as well as. You will also get more than 40 listening tests, more than 15 reading tests and 84 essays for improving your writing skills.

This book also contains sample test papers for self-studying without going to the outside is we mentioned this book in our topic so if you want to get 9 bands in the IELTS exam then you can go with these self-studying IELTS preparation books.


This ielts preparation book is written by Arunlata and in this book you will get the latest tips, vocaubluary, and in-depth guide about how to maximize your ielts score more than 8 bands.

In this book you will get 15 academic training and reading practice tests 1-15 is the 1st book in series containing 15 solved questions and answers of Academic Training Reading, listening and writing sample papers.

QnA On IELTS Preparation Books For Band 9

Q1: What Are The Best Books To Score 9 On IELTS? 

Ans: There are many self-studying IELTS books to score 9 in IELTS, but we have mentioned some recommended IELTS preparing books that are available online in ebook format and pdf format, and these are the best IELTS prepares books in 2021.

Q2: How Can I Get 9 Bands In Ielts? 

Ans: If you want to get 9 bands in the IELTS exam, you should buy the above books that will help you improve your English skills and if you follow tips and ideas, you can get 9 bands in your IELTS exam.

Q3: What Is a Good IELTS Score?

Ans: It depends on your education level because many foreign colleges never give visas if you have less than six bands after graduation. You can understand that without having more than 6 bands that are bad for you.

Q4: Is IELTS Hard To Pass? 

Ans: IELTS is all about the English language; if you have good knowledge about English and grammar, you can easily pass the IELTS test, but you also need to have confidence, writing skills, and listening skills for a better score.

Final Words

These are the trending and best ielts preparation books for 9 bands self study and if you studying with these books and follow all given tips, you can achieve your goals and get 9 bands in exam.

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